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Entire CadetEditor Stack Open Sourced

Want to make visual editors for your games, similar to this ? Want to create a reusable set of components/behaviours that don’t tie you to any particular renderer or physics engine? Cadet is for you! Today we’re very pleased to … Continue reading

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CadetEditor – Release 3 – Nested Transform2Ds

Introducing the third beta release of CadetEditor, version 0.4.2. This version introduces the ability for nested Transform2Ds within the CadetEngine scene graph to inherit transform information from their “parent” Transform2Ds. You can download the updated release versions here. Previously, Rectangle_1_Transform2D … Continue reading

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CadetEditor – Release 2 – Box2D Upgrade

Introducing the second beta release of CadetEditor. This version adds a number of bug fixes and improvements to the initial release and can be downloaded here. The main improvements are as follows: FileSystem browser issue fixed on Mac GeometrySkin & … Continue reading

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CadetEngine Talk @ DotBrighton

A big thanks to everyone who attended my DotBrighton talk last night on CadetEngine and the future of Flash. As promised, here’s the slide deck. Enjoy!

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Cadet Engine Launch

Today we’re proud to announce the launch of CadetEngine, the engine behind CadetEditor. CadetEngine is an open source, component-based ActionScript3 scene engine, which has been designed from the ground up to be plug-and-play in order to support editability. What’s … Continue reading

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Cadet Editor Launch

After much tinkering, testing, re-factoring and playing, the team at Unwrong are proud to announce the launch of, the demo site for our new app. Cadet is a general-purpose editor framework for the Flash platform. To demo Cadet we decided to build … Continue reading

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Away3D 4.0 Gold: AS3 and three.js exporters

Last year I began messing around with the AS3 exporter for Away3D 3.6.0. After writing a few test scenes and resolving a few issues with it, I went on to see whether I could write a three.js exporter, and experienced … Continue reading

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