Entire CadetEditor Stack Open Sourced


  • Want to make visual editors for your games, similar to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDFWaaqtXF4 ?
  • Want to create a reusable set of components/behaviours that don’t tie you to any particular renderer or physics engine?
  • Cadet is for you!


Today we’re very pleased to announce a major milestone for the Cadet project – we have now open sourced the entire Cadet stack! This means that developers have full access to our editor code as seen in these videos http://vimeo.com/cadeteditor


Here are the main repositories, which can all be found on the CadetEditor GitHub page:


And here’s a quick explanation of each project:


A bare-bones application development framework which provides core functionality to CadetEngine and CoreEditor. CoreApp provides a FileSystemProvider abstraction layer, asynchronous and undoable Operations, a powerful Serialization library, Validators and many other tools which were key to building an application of this scale.


A lightweight alternative to Flex, CoreUI is a simple to use UI framework that powers all of the UI for CadetEditor.


The extensible editor development framework upon which CadetEditor is built. CoreEditor provides the foundations that are key to building sophisticated editor software, including: Command Handlers, Visual Contexts, Actions, Menu Bars, File System Tree views and much more. This project is a great place to start if you’d like to build your own custom editor.


A truly plug-and-play component-based scene engine. CadetEngine was designed from the ground up to be editable and can easily be extended by creating custom Behaviours, Processes, Skins and Renderers.


An editor built on top of the CoreEditor project which allows users to visually manipulate the CadetEngine scene graph.


Information Overload!

Don’t worry, because we’ve also released all of our documentation! If you’d like to learn how to build your own editors, we highly recommend completing the tutorials in the following order:

CoreEditor Tutorials
CadetEngine Tutorials
CadetEditor Tutorials

And if that’s not enough information for you… Let us know what you think’s missing and we’ll see what we can do 🙂

What’s Next

We’re big fans of Haxe and think that the project’s ideals are in-keeping with those of Cadet. We’re super excited about the potential to build open and reusable game components that will work on any platform.

As you can see, we’ve made a start on a Haxe port. We are doing this in our free time so any help is hugely appreciated!


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  1. Thanks guys, This is really awesome!

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