CadetEditor – Release 3 – Nested Transform2Ds

Introducing the third beta release of CadetEditor, version 0.4.2. This version introduces the ability for nested Transform2Ds within the CadetEngine scene graph to inherit transform information from their “parent” Transform2Ds. You can download the updated release versions here.


Previously, Rectangle_1_Transform2D (pictured) would not be affected by changes to the position, scale or rotation of Rectangle_0_Transform2D. This meant, for instance, that rotating the Rectangle_0 component would not rotate its child component, Rectangle_1. Łukasz Łazarecki of Big Daddy Creations felt that this was not the desired behaviour, and after some discussion convinced me he was right (on the proviso that he updated the transform code!).

After a disturbingly short amount of time, Łukasz had updated the code and demonstrated that this addition fit neatly with the existing examples, providing additional functionality without breaking anything. Confident in Łukasz’s ability, understanding and enthusiasm for the system, we have since happily added him as a member of the CadetEditor open source project. We look forward to further discussions and valuable contributions!

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