CadetEditor – Release 2 – Box2D Upgrade

Introducing the second beta release of CadetEditor. This version adds a number of bug fixes and improvements to the initial release and can be downloaded here. The main improvements are as follows:

  • FileSystem browser issue fixed on Mac
  • GeometrySkin & TextureComponent performance increase (validation cycle bug fix)
  • Design time performance increase (view grid disabled at smaller grid sizes/zooms)
  • Fixed editor selection issues relating to Connections, Pins & Polygons
  • Fixed Box2D geometry rotation issue
  • Added Box2D DebugDrawProcess Overlay
  • Separated & improved motorbike game demo
  • fixed validateDisplay for Skins

This version also introduces the new open source project Cadet-Vehicles-Box2D. As per the Cadet-HungryHero project, this project demonstrates custom CadetEngine and CadetEditor extensions and AIR, web and mobile deployments. The purpose of this project is to share and test a number of different types of Box2D vehicles that can be created with CadetEditor. It’s very barebones at the moment, but if you’d like to add any cool demos, please get involved! Currently the main demo is the Vehicle (Side View) Behaviour. Here’s a quick video demonstrating it in action:

[vimeo 72425653]

As part of the Box2D improvements, I’ve also added the DebugDrawProcess. This process allows you to overlay a Box2D debug view on top of the Cadet scene to make sure the positions of the Cadet2D objects exactly match those of the Box2D versions. Here’s a video demonstrating that:

[vimeo 72477876]

Hope that helps, looking forward to hearing your thoughts! 🙂

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5 Responses to CadetEditor – Release 2 – Box2D Upgrade

  1. Amazing stuff, well done Rob.

    If you want to use cadet to create mobile phone games is going to be really slow with box2D. Remember how my game went from being unplayable to smooth when moved from box2D to Nape.
    You can make a test with a profiler and check how many objects are in the GC each frame. My game run slow when I had about ~20 enemies and ~50 bullets in screen. (no other collisions : shoot em up game) Now I’m not afraid with the number of bullets and enemies anymore…

    Check it in your phone:

    If you want I can send you a previous APK with box2D…. so you can check it by yourself.
    Let me know.

  2. kenny666cj says:

    Awesome work Rob !
    I just have an annoying problem with the polygon tool. I tried to follow your tutorial for the Mtorbike and get stuck in the very first step.
    Everything’s fine creating the rectangle, but when I start editing it with the polygon tool, when I click on a vertex, it won’t release. When I click a vertex and drag & drop it, the view isn’t updated and when I release the mouse button, the vertex keeps following my mouse pointer.

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