Cadet Editor Launch

After much tinkering, testing, re-factoring and playing, the team at Unwrong are proud to announce the launch of, the demo site for our new app. Cadet is a general-purpose editor framework for the Flash platform. To demo Cadet we decided to build a Box2D physics editor and an Away3D scene editor, though if an engine has a Scene Graph, we could probably write an editor for it using Cadet. We’ve also published a few videos to help give an idea of the various features in each editor. For instance… This video demonstrates how easy it is to create a simple physics scene in the Box2D editor:

This video introduces Joints, a more advanced Box2D concept:

This video demonstrates the ActionScript and three.js exporters (I mentioned in my previous post) in action in the Away3D editor:

And this video demonstrates importing and texturing a custom model in the 3D editor:

If you feel like watching any more, the rest can be found on our Vimeo page.

If you’d like to keep up-to-date with the latest features and fixes, please subscribe to our Facebook or Twitter.

We hope you enjoy playing with the editors and if you have any feedback, let us know! 🙂

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8 Responses to Cadet Editor Launch

  1. Fathah Noor says:

    Unwrong website is down 😦

  2. robsilverton says:

    Sorry to hear that Fathah! :S It’s working for me, could you try again and let me know? Thanks for the feedback!


  3. layoal says:

    hello,I follow your video tutorial and try to build an simple project ,
    but it’s no any shadow at my plane and cube ?why ?

  4. mkfuiy says:

    sir, about download link for cadet3d editor, “” something wrong, a japanese hairstyle advertisement, any tutorial for configuration of cadet3d editor ?

    • robsilverton says:

      Thanks for the tip off! Unfortunately we let the domain expire and it’s obviously being used for some weird spam thing now… :-S You can still find the site though here:

      • mkfuiy says:

        sir, i am beginner for away3d, therefore not that understand about tutorial like “Cadet Engine Getting Set Up, Cadet Editor Editor Extensions”, i have made a few examples successfully, (build swf files)
        like behaviour & bunny mark, but not in planet & robot by using flashdev (but not by flash builder, first time i use it, itry to follow instruction in Cadet Engine Getting Set Up, but fail)

        error massage like this appear, what this mean? i have to embed those cdt3d files ? any modified example ?
        D:\burn 9\CoreApp-as-0.4.2-beta\CoreApp-as-0.4.2-beta\src\core\app\util\swfClassExplorer\data\ col: 15 Warning: No constructor function was specified for class Traits.
        D:\cadet\CoreApp-as-0.4.2-beta\CoreApp-as-0.4.2-beta\src\core\app\managers\fileSystemProviders\local\ col: 62 Error: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: File.
        public static function fileToURI( file:File, rootDirectory:File, fileSystemProviderID:String ):URI

        i need a 3d physic engine urgently, awayphysic & box2d dissapoint me, is it possible, sir send me the cadet3d editor together with custom extension (exported swf) & customised config.xml ? (since i cant’ make it by myself)
        according to sir instruction, there are no cadet3d editor air file to download, i have to download cadet2d editor air file & customise it by myself ? am i right ? please forgive my stupidness

        how about core editor & cadet editor tutorial in github “”, for customise extension ?

        final question, there are no class in cadetengine for vertexanimator (for md2 file), am i right ?

  5. mkfuiy says:

    D:\burn 9\CoreApp-as-0.4.2-beta\CoreApp-as-0.4.2-beta\src\core\app\util\swfClassExplorer\data\ col: 15 Warning: No constructor function was specified for class Traits. Sir, what this mean ?

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