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Red5: finding it impossible to develop for on PC.

After deciding that the Red5 Eclipse Plug-in was the source of most of my Red5 related woes, I’ve just spent a whole day trying to deploy a Red5 app without it. Because the project code generated by the Plug-in doesn’t … Continue reading

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Red5 Eclipse Plug-in v0.2 PC User Feedback: Hello World! (of Pain)

Thanks to a nice fellow named Jérôme I’ve finally got a Hello World example app running from Eclipse, though not the server itself, and not one of my own making. My attention was directed to this helpful post in which … Continue reading

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Red5 Eclipse plug-in: The next issue after the JAVA_HOME issue…

You’ll see in this previous post that I ran into a fair few issues trying to get the Red5 Eclipse plug-in working, as have a several others it seems including fellow FlashBrightonian and Flash expert Iestyn Lloyd. Due to time … Continue reading

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