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Red5 IDE Eclipse Plug-in v0.2

So today I spotted that v0.2 of the Red5 IDE Eclipse Plug-in was released 10 days ago. D’oh. Does anyone know of a site that provides the de-facto information and downloads for red5? I get confused looking between: here: … Continue reading

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Getting up and (nearly) running with the Red5 Eclipse Plug-in v0.1

The Red5 plug-in for Eclipse has recently been brought to my attention by none other than Chris Allen from the Red5 team (!), so after my recent near miss with getting a simple Red5 app up and running, this got … Continue reading

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Red5 vs FMS (and getting to grips with Java)

Background I thought I’d take advantage of the Red5 session at this year’s Flash on the Beach to check out what exactly Red5 is and whether I should bite the Java bullet and switch over from Flash Media Server. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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